Sighthill and Glasgow Canal Walk

Sighthenge and the Phoenix Flowers

Student Tours Scotland likes to show off the parts of Glasgow you don't normally just stumble upon. Behind the M8 Motorway is one of the 100 Glasgow Parks - Sighthill Park and the Glasgow Branch of the Forth and Clyde Canal. We took our wee group up behind the busy highway and into the park. The views from the stone circle and the canal wharf across the city are great. It's a real shame more people don't get up here for a visit. 

The Phoenix Flowers (pictured) adorn a main thoroughfare through the city and into Cowcaddens at the north of the city centre. The tales of the destruction of most of the city centre's Anderston and Cowcaddens districts gave a lot of food for thought for our students but they were pleased to see that the council was keen on improving these areas with nice refurbishments like the flowers. Another great walk!