SnapChat: An STS Success Story

How Eduard Conquered SnapChat

It was a gorgeous view. For at least a mile in front of me a shimmering, peaceful loch extended. It glistened in the sunlight of a quiet Saturday morning. I angled my phone for the best framing of the photo. Click! Another stunning Scottish vista for the SnapChat. As I uploaded this treasured memory I felt a sense of pride. I had achieved something I rarely managed in my touring life - a picture worthy of the daily SnapChat story and not just some horrible selfie of an incredibly drenched ginger in the rain.

The admiration lasted around one minute. I had a sense of excitement and entitled self worth. Someone was responding to my SnapChat story. This was a rare moment in Student Tours Scotland history. I think I can count on my right hand the number of times someone responds to SnapChat when I use it. But the giddy highs of popularity are a dangerous place to be. My world came crashing down around me.

“Where the heck is Eduard?”. I was confronted with a question but it was more of a clear demand. Eduard, the Catalan has slowly become somewhat of a celebrity with Student Tours Scotland. Every time he helps on a tour I give him control of the SnapChat for the day. On this particular tour however, I was alone. Lonely gingers need validation. They do not need to be made to feel like their epic photography skills are lacklustre.

So my SnapChat was unworthy, it failed to meet the high standards set by Eduard’s relentless storytelling, epicly good and bad photography and the unique way he captures the attention of the ever growing audience. I cannot bring the same sense of wonder that only the Catalan can seem to offer. Join the madness this weekend. Follow @studenttourssco on SnapChat and see for yourself.