Springburn Winter Gardens in Glasgow

Springburn Park Winter Gardens

Saving Glasgow's Built Heritage

In December 2012, Student Tours Scotland was shocked at Glasgow City Council's swift demolition of Springburn Burgh Halls. This historic building has stood empy and neglected for decades. It was a great building. It was sad to see a lack of care or attention given to this monument. North Glasgow sorely needs reasons for tourism. Springburn is full of them. In the late 1980's and early 1990's, the then Glasgow District Council produced a series of Heritage Trails. One such trail was the Springburn Hertiage Trail (Student Tours Scotland has a photocopy courtesy of the University of Strathclyde Archives Service). This guide took the avid explorer around Sighthill and Springburn passing by the many monuments to the powerful history of this section of Glasgow.

Sadly, since the 1990's, it would appear that Glasgow City Council no longer cares for this important part of it's city. Glasgow needs tourism - it has so much to offer. It is sad to see that only that which is in the precious heart of the city (Glasgow City Centre and Merchant City) seems to matter any more. 

In recent years Glasgow has sat by as the following have vanished from our city (often quietly):

 - Glasgow Green Train Station shell (Calton)

 - Tenement block (Bridgeton)

 - Coliseum Building (Laurieston)

 - Tenements Blocks (Dalmarnock)

 - Alexander Thompson Church (Blythswood Hill)

Countless other monuments to the past are vanishing every year. We cannot allow this to keep happening. It is for this reason that Student Tours Scotland has thrown it's support behind the campaign to save Sighthill Park Stone Circle and we will continue to run tours to this great location.

However recently it has come to our attention that the old Winter Gardens in Springburn Park are potentially also at risk of demolition. Although recently featured in the Springburn Park Heritage Trail (2011), they may never see restoration. It would seem Glasgow City Council once more are sitting idily by while another monument rusts. Perhaps it is time to rerun the "Adopt a Monument" scheme from the late 20th Century where businesses and places helped fund restoring parts of the city.

Hopefully this is a passing trend. There are a great number of places in Glasgow worth saving, will Glasgow City Council stand up and take notice? Student Tours Scotland certainly hopes so.