Sunny Days on Glasgow’s Canal

Student Tours Scotland and Glasgow's Hidden Gem

It's not everyday that you get as pretty a day in Glasgow as today. The autumnal colours of the trees mixed with the dark brooding sky and the tiny sliver of sunlight made for a fantastic afternoon. Student Tours Scotland took sixteen very lucky souls on the Glasgow Branch route of the Forth and Clyde Canal. After meeting up at GoMA in the City Centre (and being disgusted by the lack of cone on the Duke's head), we travelled up to Cowcaddens and then to Spiers Wharf.

If you have never walked this awesome route then you really are missing out. it's Student Tours Scotland's favourite hidden gem in Glasgow. Passing through Hamiltonhill and into Firhill Basin you get some great views across the Claypits and of the grassland and reeds where the local swans hang out. The views of Ruchill Park and the old hospital tower are fantastic with the eerie sky as well! Passing through Maryhill and onto the Locks there is something special and the view over the River Kelvin Walkway is potentially the best on the route. 

The large looming Temple Gasworks near the end of the pathway (for us anyway) stand like sentinels, guarding West Glasgow and make a fitting end to a fantastic day. If you haven't been on a Student Tours Scotland walk then you are seriously missing out. See you next Wednesday guys!