The Geek Retreat, Glasgow

Cafe Culture in Glasgow takes a Geekier Turn

Student Tours Scotland's very own ginger guide, Gary Robert Brown used to work in a cafe in the city centre of Glasgow on Renfield Street. Sadly this cafe is now gone. It was called Hub Internet Cafe (previously That Internet Cafe and before that an Oxfam store) and was open from pretty early to pretty late at night. This was rare in Glasgow so it catered for a niche - it was also home to the best hot chocolate in the city. Since 2006, when Hub Internet Cafe closed, Glasgow has been without some awesome wee cafes. However that has all changed.

The Geek Retreat has opened on Union Street near Glasgow Central Station and I have to say, it's awesome. The coffee is great, there are comics (new and back issues) and some awesome sofas to relax in. A particular highlight has to be the chalk board wall in the toilet where you can add geek-related grafitti. I couldn't help but add The X-Files motto, 'Trust No1' to the mural myself.

So, geeks unite and head over to The Geek Retreat. I just might make it into the new Student Tours Scotland regular hang out!

You can also like them on FACEBOOK and follow them on TWITTER (which I highly recommend).