The Goose That Chased The Ginger Guy

The Goose That Chased The Ginger Guy


I love Ayr. That’s why I’m taking you all there with Student Tours Scotland on Sunday (see here for tickets:

However my personal experience with the town is always different. Still positive mind you, but different - hehe. The city has great history with Robert Burns, William Wallace and Oliver Cromwell - all of whom we will chat about on Sunday. But there is a modern evil in Ayr - one that can never be stopped. It will always remain, sometimes in a new form, but always lurking, waiting.

One fateful Sunday, walking along the River Ayr with five students over the lunch break, this ginger saw his favourite locals from the town - the geese. I should say at this point that I love geese. I really do - they are hilarious. The ones in Glasgow’s Hogganfield Loch and Park are so funny they make me laugh for hours. However the ones in Ayr, well they are just pure evil. Evil I tell you! EVIL!

While pointing them out at the students (since they were so close to the walkway which is rare) one of them made that weird goose sound at me. It’s like QUARF! But with a heavy K sound and like you are swallowing a Z. QUARF! It shouted at me again, as if it needed to get by me. QUARF! Again it yelled and this time I noticed that it was a little close for comfort.

So suddenly, mid-story about how amazing the geese were, one of the geese started to bite my sneakers and chased me over the old brig (bridge) at the River Ayr in front of some of my students and lots of locals.

Never let it be said that I don’t give a ‘different’ kind of tour with Student Tours Scotland. Join us this week for more goose related madness.