The Most Controversial Of Treasure Hunts

When X Marks More than the Spot

It started with a good idea I had in a bar in Glasgow. I'll do a treasure hunt. I used to run one when I worked at a University in Glasgow, now I could operate a LARGE SCALE one. So I ran one. It was chaotic. We ran a trial run in May and after all the allegations of cheating and bending the rules I rewrote the guidelines and ran a new one for the Ciência Sem Fronteiras - Science Without Borders UK at the University of Strathclyde. All for fun supposedly. 

Well, the chaos continued. The winners were very closely tied and short of demanding a recount there was a lot of contesting of the result. The idea is simple. You get a team and you get a time limit. Within that time limit you need to get as many items photographed with your team as you can. Each item has a value. 

Dundas House sign threw most folk but it was the Stock Exchange on Buchanan Street that led to the shouts of contesting the result. Either way, it was great fun and everyone had a laugh taking part. So watch out in 2013, Student Tours Scotland will be doing another Treasure Hunt, despite what my senses tell me.