The Muffin: How an Island Tells the Weather

The Muffin: How an Island Tells the Weather

Ailsa Craig and Student Tours Scotland

Student Tours Scotland loves a good myth or legend. Ailsa Craig (known locally as ‘Paddy’s Mile Stone’) has plenty associated with it. On our Coastal Ayrshire tour this weekend (tickets here: you can hear all about the stories from this fabled wee island.

There is one legend that I was brought up since way before Student Tours Scotland was born - The Muffin. Ailsa Craig the island will always be, ‘The Muffin’, to me. It was a tale from my childhood about how you can tell the weather. It might not always be obvious, but Glasgow can get some pretty weird weather systems - even seen that weird ball of light in the sky?

They say that if you can see all of, ‘The Muffin’, then the weather will be good. If, ‘The Muffin’ is covered in fog at the top and looks like an ‘Iced Muffin’ then the weather will be changeable. However if you cannot see the muffin at all? Well, you better be worried as the rain is on the way!

Of course all of this forgets the fact that by the time you actually reach, ‘The Muffin’, you’ll probably already know that the Heavens have opened. Anyway, join Student Tours Scotland this weekend on Sunday and see for yourself: the LEGEND of ‘The Muffin’.