The People of Glasgow VS George Square

Makeover Time for Glasgow's Centre

While Student Tours Scotland finds it sad that George Square is getting all the attention from Glasgow City Council and other areas are being neglected (Springburn Burgh Halls, Kelvingrove Park Band Stand, Queen's Park Band Stand, Springburn Park Winter Gardens to name four that are doing the rounds on Twitter) - it is time for a change here.

Glasgow and George Square go hand in hand - especially for tourists. It is often a place that many, if not most, visitors will pass through. It makes the list of Glasgow City Council parks and gardens (of which there are around 110 at last count) and even has it's own green Glasgow Park sign. Despite this it's rather lacking in green space. As Glasgow's centre it really should have a better existence than the 'red square' it has become. It's the laughing stock of the Glasgow Parks. Glasgow Green, with it's fields of lush grass mocks it from the south, Springburn Park with it's dizzy heights and rockery laughs from the north; Victoria Park speaks lowly of it from through the ages through its historic sites from the west and Hogganfield Park with it's expansive loch scorns from the east. In all comparisons, its a very weak place.

And yet, Glaswegians hold it so dear. It's the centre of the world for most of Glasgow. Many a fond memories is recalled beginning from the Square. Student Tours Scotland frequently passes through it and even uses it as a meeting place in the summer months. It needs a better existence than what it has.

In Janaury 2013 Glasgow City Council unvieled the six proposed development plans for George Square. Student Tours Scotland has had a look at all six and to be honest, they all seem a little, meh. The first five contain poor attempts to relocate the statues and number six almost seems like it's pushing the boat out too far. Number 1 stuns the imagination with a crazy water mirror which would no doubt become the source of ridicule over the years; Number 2 is so hard to focus on it boggles the mind; three is a little too quirky; four has the cool Oak Grove around the cenotaph, five appears to have resolved Glasgow City Councils hatred for the Sighthill Park Stone Circle by moving it to George Square and six appears to be sponsored by Big Brother.

Number 6 is our stand out favourite. The statues are no where to be found, which although sad, is better than placing them in a pointless jail cell like in Number 5's 'Monument Grove' - I'm not sure Robert Burns is that happy with getting up close and personal with so many guys. The statues could be used better elsewhere - the Walter Scott obelisk would look awesome in St. Enoch Square. 

Only time will tell if Glasgow City Council will make a good solid decision on this one. Whatever the outcome, change in George Square is welcome, let's just hope the rest of Glasgow won't be forgotten afterwards.