The ‘Perth-Fect’ Day In Perth With Student Tours Scotland

The Perth-Fect Day Out

In Perth, Nonetheless

As one of my favourite tours (I honestly don’t just say that - I love this trip) to Perth approaches, it makes me very aware of the fact I will be over-using a bad joke once again. I think it was Pedro who first suggested that going to the seventh city of Scotland would be, “Perth-fect” and as much as I made fun of him all day, I love this horrible play on the word ‘perfect’.

I’m pretty sure I used it constantly on the Student Tours Scotland tour last year when we went there in February and December - so you have been warned. It’s also very contagious. There were more than a few students using it by 5pm and I’m sure I heard someone use it in Dundee the following week - they understand so little.

In many ways, Perth really is, ‘Perth-fect’. The view from the top of the hill alone is amazing. Kinnoull Hill is potentially my favourite view in all of Scotland, as the River Tay unfolds underneath you, winding it’s way through the outskirts of the city. The silhouette of Kinnoull Tower leads to more than a few great selfies that you will never glance at again afterwards (but at least you get the likes on Instagram!).

If you enjoy faeries stories, and love the outdoors then a great portion of this tour is spent walking through Kinnoull Hill Forest Park. The looming trees all around lend to a great feeling of awe and mystery as each detail of the wee mischievous creatures is revealed. You’ll be looking over your should all day.

If you haven’t already booked up then the Perth tour officially went on sale today. So book up and join us now at or