The Sauchiehall Centre, Glasgow

The Sauchiehall Centre, Glasgow

Student Tours Scotland is taking a detour from regular blogs to bring you something that's puzzled me for a while now - what happened to The Sauchiehall Centre? When I was a kid (and it wasn't THAT long ago) there was a wee shopping mall along Sauchiehall Street. It was strangely enough called, The Sauchiehall Centre. 

I have fond memories of the Wimpy cafe inside and sitting people watching as a kid. I think me and my cousin David had one of our classic fights in there. There was John Menzies too (now WH Smith) and even that awesome wee store Our Price. So what happened to it? Well, it turns out that TK Maxx and Primark is what happened to it.

The Sauchiehall Centre lives on as The Sauchiehall Street Centre, a block containing Pure Gym, a car park and RBS (plus a new store as well) on the Bath Street side and several smaller shops plus Primark, WH Smith and TK Maxx on the Sauchiehall Street side. I've got to say, I miss The Sauchiehall Centre. I remember it having a lot of cool wee fountains and water features. Something lacking, in my opinion anyway, in the Glasgow City Centre malls. 

There was, until recently, still a sign for the mall on the Bath Street side - but with the redevelopment of the unit under Pure Gym it has also now gone.

So it is with great sadness that Student Tours Scotland says goodbye to the last vestiges of the old Sauchiehall Centre and welcomes it's new use as a weird hybrid unit of shops.

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