The Seals have Ears

When the seals are listening

Student Tours Scotland reflects on a time when the sea life in Scotland could hear everything you said!

The Isle of Bute off the west coast of Scotland holds many awesome treasures. There was a time when Student Tours Scotland used to tour there on a regular basis. Instead we have resigned the tour to the dustbin of history. History, however, is destined to repeat itself and so we have decided to bring the tour back. Albeit a new, exciting and awesome version.

In 2013, I ventured over to the Isle of Bute with my Brazilian friend Pedro and my good French friend, Aurelien. We travelled all over the island but the highlight was Scalpsie Bay. I had never been here before so it was exciting to put my feet into the warm, welcoming sand as it sunk around me, letting me leave my mark on the beach.

With each step we reached the edge of a rocky beach, surrounded by boulders that stretched out to sea. In front of us, perched carelessly on two large stones were two seals. A third was swimming around them in the water. It was a wonderful site and they were incredibly playful. Each click of the camera button would see the closest seal act more like a diva. The flippers would reach up in the air as if waving at us. They would plop around heavily on their thrones allowing us to catch their best side. God-forbid we took a snap worthy of Heat magazine’s ‘Circle of Shame’.

They have legends in Scotland of the Selkie, a creature that can mask itself as a seal and a human depending on the situation. After almost an hour of photos at the seals I was beginning to tire and needed food so I exclaimed rather loudly that I would happily eat the seals if we didn’t leave soon. No sooner than the words left my mouth, the seals rushed the water and vanished beneath the lapping waves.

They had heard me. They knew I was coming for them. And now they are plotting their seal-like revenge. Join us this Saturday to the Island itself and maybe you can see this ginger guy getting his butt kicked by some seals: