There Be Dragons!

Once Upon A Dragon!

There Be Dragons!

Student Tours Scotland likes to show off the weirder and crazier parts of the country. It doesn't get much weirder than a dragon statue on a beach in Irvine.

With the Student Tours Scotland Ayrshire tour looming next Sunday (tickets here by the way: I thought it would be best to discuss Irving (as we call him anyway), the Dragon who lives in Irvine.

Sitting happily atop Irvine Beach Park, Irving (more officially called the Sleeping Dragon) waits. The Vikings will return one day and they will devastate Scotland (apparently, although I’m almost 100% sure that the Vikings are gone these days). When they do, Irving is ready. He’s waiting, he’s watching and he’s biding his time. When the fleet arrives, he will come to life, destory the approaching masses and save Scotland once again. I assume he’s never heard about Ryanair though as that’s a more likely source for invasion than a fleet of longboats - invaders have no style these days.

I first stumbled upon Irving in 2011 on a tour with a group from Glasgow Caledonian University. We took the train, we were tired, Irvine as a town had let us down, but we pushed forward, crossed the sand dunes and finally found his hazy gaze staring at us from the distance. Sure he’s a little smaller than you would expect but he’s a mythical creature! How big are they supposed to be anyway if they don’t actually exist in the first place?

If you wanna check out Irving then come along on the Ayrshire tour - it’s only polite to take a selfie on his nose these days anyway. Maybe watch yourself if you’re from Scandinavia though - you never know!