Trip Review: Ayrshire Coast (February 2012)

On the search of the Legendary Muffin (A.K.A. Ailsa Craig)

There is an island out at sea on Scotland's South West Coast called Ailsa Craig. We call it Paddy's Mile Stone as it's roughly half way between Glasgow and Belfast but this day it was all about the muffin. When I was a boy my family told me if you can see the top of the muffin then it means good weather ahead. If you can't and it's cloudy then it must be an iced muffin and therefore bad weather.

Thankfully today we could see the top which meant good weather. Dunure is a village which is not known for massive tour buses. We broke the mould of course and literally invaded the place. Off season I don't see this as being an issue though as no one else is around. The castle is stunning. The views are amazing. I couldn't keep everyone together as there was so much to keep them amused.

Ayr is one of those places that everyone has to go to at some point. The town is a popular Glaswegian tour spot and our crew found out just why that is. A particular highlight of course was Patrick and Michal reading some Robert Burns as went around the town.

We finished the tour in Irvine at the Beach Park in the town. At the summit of the hill there is a large stone dragon statue which keeps watchful eye over the west coast to ensure Scotland is never invaded by the Vikings ever again. Rob from the USA wasn't too impressed with the statue but he did enjoy the stories I had to tell so I guess that was something.