Trip Review: Dumfries and South Scotland (March 2012)

Too Many Toads

It's not everyday that you get to see toads but we saw plenty of them all day. Caerlaverock Castle ruins in the very south of the country is full of toads. Including the cool wee pair pictured above. The ruins have some amazing history and our students really got to enjoy the ruin as no one else was around.

Dumfries itself was stunning. We clearly got lucky with the weather (Scotland is in the middle of a heatwave though which is handy). We really only got to enjoy lunch here though as we had to head to Moffat before we left for Glasgow.

Moffat is a quiet little town but it has some great walks. The riverside walk offers a relaxing alternative to the busy town nearby. With some legends and stories from the Dumfriesshire and Galloway regions everyones imagination was opened. I think the stories really add to the tours and get everyone associating the places and stories to the memories they take away. Another great day. Off to the Isle of Bute tomorrow.