Trip Review: Isle of Bute (March 2012)

The Unexplored Isle

Scotland's West Coast is littered with islands. Student Tours Scotland aims to take you to as many of the local islands as possible. The Isle of Bute trip is one of my personal favourites. So close to Glasgow and yet so peaceful and quiet. Unlike it's neighbours the Isle of Cumbrae and the Isle of Arran, Bute is less frequented by Scots. This is a real shame as the island offers some fantastic things to do.

Our team were on fire on this trip. With some great characters like our resident Czech duo of Tereza and Ivan you just know things will stay nice and exciting. Rothesay is the main port of call on Bute and there is plenty of excitement for a full day here alone. From the castle ruins to the heights of Canada Hill we pretty much invaded the island.

There is one main attraction for the Isle of Bute: Irn Bru ice cream. Student Tours Scotland are firm believers that everyone should try Irn Bru. A can a day is needed as far as we are concerned but we realise that not everyone agrees. Irn Bru Ice Cream is the next best thing and from the picture above you can see how happy our regular Russians are with it.