Trip Review: Isle of Cumbrae and Largs (April 2012)

Viking Scotland

Every tour with Student Tours Scotland there is a moment where I end up saying "this is my favourite place in Scotland". It might not be my single most favourite place but the Isle of Cumbrae is certainly one of the best. I love every minute of it. It's just so much fun to spend time in.

After getting everyone safely onto the island (despite some lunch related mishaps) we split up on our bikes and cycled around the island. I managed to lose pretty much everybody (well done ginger!) except the Americans, a Pole and the Canadians. We had fun trailing the island and trying to find all five of the Sensory Trail points as we did so. We succeeded in getting the whole way around in time for heading over to Largs. It's not a hard island to cycle around but it certainly offers some great photo opportunities as you go. The hardest part is choosing which ones to stop at on a time constraint!

Largs is a cracking wee town. Only an hour from Glasgow by train there is wealth of Viking history here. The Battle of Largs fought here effectively led to the end of the empire in Scotland for our Norse brothers. There is even a museum here dedicated to it. 

There are no excuses for missing out on such an awesome place while staying in Scotland. Get over and give it a cycle!