Trip Review: Lanarkshire and Falls of Clyde

One Sunny Day in Scotland

25 tours later and Student Tours Scotland has reached its end of the first semester. We've had some great trips and some fantastic experiences so it only made sense to go out with a bang. With the sun shining and the reservoirs open we headed to the Falls of Clyde. The trail here is a great one for a good day out. Scotland has some cool places up north but a lot of people don't realise what is on their doorstep in Lanarkshire. There were some great moments when we tried and failed get pics of New Lanark (bad memory) and tried to say "I'm a potato" in all the languages of everyone present but overall the trek was amazing - if exhausting. It's not every day in Scotland you get a sunny day.

The town of Lanark had some great hidden gems too - although the church where William Wallace got married could do with a makeover. It is in a sorry state. The fish 'n' chips there is more than worth a taste! After getting confused between the church bells and an ice cream van we headed back to Glasgow.

Pollok Country Park is the largest inner city park in Europe. We were after the Highland Cow herd they have here. We were not upset. There were even two wee babies running about crazy.

It's sad to see the semester end - however I'm glad everyone had fun. See you in the summer guys!