Trip Review: Loch Lomond (February 2012)

Down at the Bonny, Bonny Banks

Loch Lomond is one of those places that gets under your skin. You visit once and that is you hooked for life. This tour was rather wet, to say the least. In fact it's possibly the wettest tour we have ever run. That didn't stop everyone having a blast though. With a bus load of eager Glasgow international students we headed off to the bonny, bonny banks.

Balmaha is one of those places everyone heads to at some point,. As a passing point of the West Highland Way it is well travelled. After a few nice faerie and myth stories we did our best to get up Conic Hill. It's not easy hiking up with 57 people in tow but at Student Tours Scotland we always try and give it a go.

The views from the top are simply awesome. We didn't quite reach the summit but we got high enough above the tree line for some great views of the lower Lomond islands. Our happy students were beaming with sheer joy of achievement and success at least. Should be a good few photo competition entries from this part of the tour at least.

I always knacker (Glasgow word for tire) everyone out at the start of my tours to help them shake off the hangover and lack of sleep. This tour was no different. So when we finally reached Balloch town everyone rushed off for some food. I took a group who had their lunch with them to Lomond Shores shopping centre. What always amazes me is how addicted they can get to Irn Bru. Having only been recently introduced to the stuff, Quentin from France was already lapping it up at a rate of around 2 cans a day! I like to think I had something to do with that.

So the afternoon began with a complete wash out in Balloch Castle Country Park - a part of the tour we can just gloss over as everyone would rather forget the drenching! Howwever as always the wee village of Luss was a saving grace for us. The weather finally let up and we ventured to the parts few tourists go to. The Quarry Path behind the village on the other side of the A82 is more than worth a walk through. The stunning falls and rapids that flow into the loch often have a unique green/blue hue to them perhaps due to the quarry of slates that were mined here.

So ends another fantastic tour with Student Tours Scotland. A bunch of happy International Students slept most of the way home which I take to be a good thing as it means they were all knackered (again Glasgow word for tired). Until next time folks!