Trip Review: Loch Ness In A Day (May 2012)

Nessie Hunting!

It started with a simple idea - find the monster. It never quite worked out however. We had around 50 monster hunters when we left Glasgow, each one prepared for the dangers that awaited us. We knew this could be last time we ever saw Glasgow. Our loved ones were in tears but we could not turn back, not now that we so close. Nessie was within our grasps.

Travelling up the A9 our weary travellers found it hard to stay awake. A tough road at the best of times, this particular journey was taking it's toll. Two of the French found it too much to bear and were taken by sleeps gentle grasps. 

Aviemore and Pitlochry found themselves swamped and overwhelmed as we descended into their peaceful villages but it was Urquhart Castle where the real fun began. This was the site of so many sightings of Nessie over the years and this was where we were going to get our chance to see her. Every inch of the castle was occupied by our team and our eyes scanned the water of the loch. From our Spanish and French contingent on the roofs to our Norwegian and German group on the loch bed to our Americans and Nigerians on either side we had the loch completely covered. Alas Nessie had outwitted us. She was no where to be found.

Moving our search further south we found ourselves in the town of Fort Augustus. Again we gave our best to cover the loch but all we found was a wire mesh statue of the legendary beast and her child. Outwitted again but at least we had fun.

The legend of Nessie is strong to this day. Perhaps we never found her this year, or maybe Haroon was correct and she dwells not in the water but on the land, watching us as we search for her in vain. Whatever the story, one thing can be certain, I will be back Nessie and next time I'll be better prepared.