Trip Review: Oban and Argyll (March 2012)

There is No Place like Oban

There are few places in Scotland that I honestly feel like I could live in. I love my country, I really do but Glasgow has such a hold on me. Oban however, is one place I could happily live in. My aim on the first 2012 Student Tours Scotland trip to Argyll was clear - make all 57 folk fall in love with the place. No easy task. Thankfully the weather was on my side.

Inveraray is a great place to start off any trip here. We probably bring down the average age of the place quite considerably just by being there. There doesn't appear to be many people under the age of 70!

The castle looks like it was taken straight from a Disney film and the town is just so...quaint. It really does make for a great wee morning. But Inveraray was just our side salad. It was Oban I was more concerned about.

With everyone in tow we split for lunch in Oban. Which gave me time to go for a rummage around the Victorian Spa ruins and suss them out. Needless to say they are awesome but it's just the kind of place that my students would try and kill themselves in. So perhaps for now I'll keep it to Dunollie.

Dunollie Castle is a great ruin. It sits atop the outskirts of Oban with a commanding view of the Isle of Kerrera. Free to enter, it just looks amazing in the sunlight. We invaded the place and I had to keep a few loose cannons from climbing the walls but generally it went down really well.

I don't think I had to try too hard to get everyone to love the place. Oban did it all for me.