Trip Review: Return to Loch Lomond (February 2012)

Sunshine on the Bonny Banks

The last time we decended upon Loch Lomond we got pretty much soaked through. This time was quite the opposite. The sun was shining and Loch Lomond was looking great. Another walk up Conic Hill was met with the usual skeptical glances but the summit was more than reachable this time. Many a great photo was taken at the top.

It's always amazing how much everyone falls in love with Loch Lomond. Balloch and Luss brought a smile to the face of nearly 60 students on this tour. I get a little warm and fuzzy when I see how everyone loves Loch Lomond. It's so easy to get to and yet still so unexplored by students studying in Glasgow. Student Tours Scotland aims to change that.