Trip Review: Return to the Isle of Bute (March 2012)

Sunshine and Irn Bru Ice Cream

A second sell out trip the Isle of Bute - this is clearly a popular trip! Another ferry journey is always welcomed with Student Tours Scotland. Being loose on the sea is just such a great feeling when you spend all your time in the City of Glasgow. I love city life but being on the water is just so awesome.

Kilchattan Bay at the south of the isle is so raw and rugged that it's often unexplored by those who visit Bute. With a clear path and route around the south of the island we spread out. With some Scottish myths and legends told and some local history given everyone spent the morning sunbathing. Great place to chill in the good weather. No one to spoil the atmosphere (except ourselves) and plenty of photo opportunities.

Back in Rothesay, the main town, we invaded the castle ruin (like the Norwegians before us) and once again lounged in the sunshine. But the relaxation wasn't to last as we took off up Canada Hill and through the forested areas behind the town.

Once again the highlight of the day was Irn Bru Ice Cream and the Victorian Toilets. Not the usual tourist attractions but good ones at that!