Trip Review: St. Andrews and Fife (April 2012)

The Kingdom of Fife

I'm very biased to the West Coast of Scotland. I don't hide this fact. As a Glasgow boy born and raised I feel connected to this part. it's hard for me to travel East without a general feeling of unease. Thankfully St. Andrews and Fife is a part I feel comfortable in.

St. Andrews is always an easy trip as everyone is generally really interested in going there. It trancends the idea of Scotland. People know about it before they even get here. I like St. Andrews - it has a pleasant charm to it. Despite the fact it's the home of golf (a sport I despise) it still keeps my imagination running wild.

After some tales of the Reformation near the Castle Ruin and Cathedral itself we headed into the town for lunch. I like the lunch hour as I get to wander around aimlessly while everyone else eats. Means I can plan for future visits as well. St. Andrews is captivating. Lunch at the beach is a highlight of coming here and there are plenty of beaches to choose between. 

In the afternoon, before heading home, we stopped by Ravenscraig Park near Kirkcaldy, a town I have rarely visited. The park however is more than worth some time. Not only are there some great views across to the Lothians but there is even a kids playpark designed to essentially destory kids. It's the most insane park ever. The "amusements" are more like contraptions designed for a gym. Nearby there is also the ruins of Ravenscraig Castle, also associated with Mary Queen of Scots - Student Tours Scotland feels that everything in Scotland is associated with her in some way.

All in all, this is a great trip - it runs itself and keeps everyone amused. Certainly one to do again and again.