Trip Review: Stirling Day Trip (February 2012)

On the Trail of Robert the Bruce

In the past I've always done the Stirling tour in a roundabout way. This is the latest incarnation of our Stirling tour and one that I think works really well. With a full bus we headed to Falkirk and to it's wheel. Despite desperately hunting for a toilet break we had to venture up behind the wheel itself to kill some time for the opening of the centre.

The Antonine Wall passes through this part of Scotland at a place called Rough Castle. Little remains of the castle itself and the wall is all but gone however the area around the site is simply stunning. Even Christian from Norway had to admit it was beautiful and he is notoriously hard to appeal to. The ditches nearby got a lot of attention from our students as they were used for defence in the past.

Back at the wheel everyone managed to get a pee break and coffee fill up. Upon entering Stirling we took the obligatory trip to Stirling Castle. The newly opened and refurbished palace is amazing. This castle really is much better than Edinburgh now! 

After lunch (which in Stirling is tough due to the sheer number of places you can go) we took a whirlwind tour of the old town with our students pretending to be jailed and captured at the Old Town Jail. Mar's Wark Cemetery is a wonderful wee charming hidden gem which everyone really took to.

We finished the day up at Bannockburn Battlefield where the battle of the same name took place. After a brief history of the Wars of Independence and the future Referendum set for 2014 we took some pictures with King Robert himself before having some wee sword fights at the site.