Walk Report: Welcome to Glasgow

Welcome To Glasgow Walk

One of the best things about this job is getting to meet the fresh-faced international students who are new to the city. The terror in their eyes when they realise they cannot understand a soul in Glasgow is just brilliant. You know they will get over it eventually but those first moments are memorable.

The Welcome to Glasgow walk is designed to take the group around the main streets of the city and showcase some of the very best of what is on offer. We had a pretty awesome wee squad on this walk. Mostly Glasgow Caledonian University students but there was a good mix from the Glasgow School of Art as well.

After a brief chat we found out what the biggest concerns and greatest needs were and of course Primark topped the bill as always. Cheap clothes are somethign every student aspires to find and Glasgow thankfully has plenty to offer. After putting their minds at ease with the big P we trekked down through Buchanan Street and into Argyle Street. 

It's not an overly stressful trip - the main theme is to get to know everyone. The weather did the usual Glasgow rain thing where the water comes at you from all angles. So we took refuge in the nearest Starbucks for some warm-up coffee. The best bit came at the end when everyone said they had pretty much forgotten everything we discussed already on the tour. Ahh the stresses and strains of welcoming people to the city. You have to love it!