Welcoming Everyone to Glasgow

I Think I'll Go On A Walkabout

Student Tours Scotland has had the pleasure of welcoming new students to Glasgow. It's always exciting showing people this fine city. Although we've been really lucky with the weather, it's the people that make the place so good.  We've had a little TMI from some folk - don't ask what colour of underwear you have on as an icebreaker - but it's been a great day. We chilled in Garnethill Park and even got to see a few weird Glaswegians. I'm sure you'd recognise them yourselves.

Walking in Glasgow is important when you're a student. It's a cheap and easy way of getting around. The city is huge and without the odd walkabout you'd never seen anything. So join us on our next walkabout as we head off into the unknown. You're guaranteed to enjoy it.