Where Are They Now? #004: Riku (Finland)

Welcome to another 'Where are they now' blog entry. This time we visit Finland to catch up with Riku.

Student Tours Scotland (STS): Thanks for being one of our 'Where Are They Now' interviews. It's been around four years since you started studying in Glasgow, Scotland. Introduce yourself for us: name, where you are from and give us one random fact about you.

Riku: Riku Niemi, from Finland and I love road cycling.

STS: What do you miss the most about Glasgow and Scotland?

Riku: People, accent, bad weather, pub's and £1 drinks in the Wednesday nights, Cheap flights to Europe, Tesco and the river.

STS: What one place in Scotland was your favourite?

Riku: Edinburgh was really nice, old town feeling in the big city.

STS: Do you think it's important to get out and about in Glasgow and Scotland when you study here?

Riku: It's really important, because easily you just focus on studying and don't get to know the city or Scotland at all. If you get a chance, feel Scotland and Glasgow, there is better possibility to come back in holidays or just feel positive about the country.

STS: But enough about Scotland. What are you doing with yourself now?

Riku: I'm studying my masters in the University of Eastern Finland, working occasionally in the TeliaSonera sales. I'm new dad, my son born on march and that is awesome!

STS: Have you been back in Scotland since you first left

Riku: Not yet, I hope i will get a possibility in the future

STS: If you could offer any one piece of survival advice to someone about to study in Scotland what would it be?

Riku: Forget spoken english. Open your mind to the scottish accent.

STS: Some sound advice from Finland. Thanks Riku. Congratulations on your new born son!