Where are they now #009: Simon (Denmark)

Student Tours Scotland caught up with Simon JUHL who studied in Glasgow a few years ago.

My name is Simon from Denmark and I had the pleasure of enjoying Glasgow for a year while being on the ERASMUS exchange program a few years back. The reason why I went to Glasgow was originally to go to a country where I would be able to follow the lectures without any language barrier issues compared to countries such as Spain or France. However I quickly found Scotland and Glasgow offering much more than just English with an awesome dialect.

I had the privilege to be taken around in the beautiful land of Scotland by no one else, than Gary Robert Brown when he was exploring the best places for what’s now called Student Tours Scotland, which, I, by the way will give my best recommendations.

Besides awesome nature I found Glaswegians to be extremely friendly (contradictory to whatmany news articles say about the place itself). I made both Glaswegian and International friends I still hold contact with today.

I visited Glasgow during the last year of my bachelor, which meant only a few hours of school in my first semester and close to nothing during my second semester, since we had to write our bachelor thesis that year. This gave me a huge amount of spare time, which I of course spend in many random pubs, but also in building what turned out to be an actual business.

In my spare time in Glasgow I learned how to build websites from scratch (yes, I had that much spare time), only by watching YouTube videos and reading online guides. I also learned how to monetize sites and from that I managed to come up with a system to build price comparison sites and profit from them, when I refer new customers to companies presented on the sites.

Today I’ve built three big comparison sites for Denmark turning over more than £200,000 a year and I am currently expanding to Germany and, who knows, maybe the UK after.

So, your take from this should be:

 - Go to Glasgow

 - Let Gary show you the most beautiful places there is

 - Enjoy the pubs

 - Maybe develop a business in your spare time

Wish you the best time in Glasgow,

Simon Juhl