Where Are They Now? #010: Heloise (France)

Student Tours Scotland hasn't gotten in touch with a former client in a long time so today we show you what one of our Frenchies has been up to. She was on Erasmus in 2008! So it's been some time since we last heard from her. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Heloise!

Student Tours Scotland (STS): Thanks for taking part in the 'Where Are They Now' interviews. It's been around five years now since you started studying in Glasgow, Scotland. Introduce yourself for us: name, where you are from and one random fact about yourself.

Heloise (H): I'm Héloïse, from Paris. I love music festivals and drinking - not Irn Bru though sorry, but Strongbow.

STS: What do you miss the most about Glasgow and Scotland?

H: The landscape! My time in scotland was very rewarding by seeing the different places and the beauty of Scotland.

STS: What one place in Scotland was your favourite?

H: Only one? That's really hard to do. I think Isle of Skye or Isle  of Arran.  Both very different but essential to see!

STS: Do you think it's important to get out and about in Glasgow and Scotland when you study here?

H: Definitely yes, get out and discover the scottish culture, people and landscape. There's too many things to do but it's a waste to stay home.

STS: But enough about Scotland. What are you doing with yourself now?

H: I'm working in Human Resources Information System, dealing with data and people.

STS: Have you been back in Scotland since you first left?

H: Yes, one year after leaving. But I want to come back and to show my friends the great places as soon as possible, and maybe travel by bike for a trip.

STS: If you could offer any one piece of survival advice to someone about to study in Scotland what would it be?

H: Organize your week and weekend in order to enjoy Scotland but do not forget your homework!