Where Are They Now? #013: John (United States)

Student Tours Scotland likes to track down former students who studied in Glasgow and see what they are up to now. We tracked down John from the USA a long time back so things might have changed. Here's what he had to say though.

Student Tours Scotland (STS): Thanks for being one of our Where Are They Now interviewees. It's been around four years since you started studying in Glasgow, Scotland. Introduce yourself for us: name, where you are from and one random fact about yourself.

John (J): My name is John Gilbert Carroll, I studied at Glasgow Caledonian University from January 2009 to June 2009. I was born in Cincinnati, OH, USA and studied Music Business at Middle Tennessee State University and now reside in Nashville, TN. At the age of 8, I caught a greased pig in a county fair contest. After that, I knew I was destined for big things. Part of my coming to Glasgow, was contingent on writing an independent study on the music scene in Scotland. I spent a lot of nights out at pubs, clubs, concerts, and open mic nights.

STS: What do you miss the most about Glasgow and Scotland?

J: What I miss most about Glasgow and Scotland is living in the heart of the city. I could walk everywhere and plus Glasgow is perfect for college students. The city centre is not overwhelmingly large, cost of living is relatively cheap, and the pubs and clubs are fantastic!

STS: What one place in Scotland was your favourite?

J: The Arches was my favorite nightclub, it had lots of people, and had separate DJ’s spinning so you could always find your own vibe. The architectural design (it’s under the train station) makes it even more unique. The other place I really enjoyed was King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut where the band, Oasis, was discovered. I convinced some of my newly found fellow exchange students to go see Ra Ra Riot with me. The venue is very intimate and the show was superb!

STS: Do you think it's important to get out and about in Glasgow and Scotland when you study here?

J: Of course! I took advantage of the cheap flights to other countries and traveled all over Europe. When my family came to visit me, we went all around Scotland. I’ve been a golfer my entire life, so getting to walk St. Andrews Links is something I will never forget.

STS: But enough about Scotland. What are you doing with yourself now?

J: I am working on Music Row in Nashville, TN for an independent music publisher. My focus is on getting songwriters published (i.e. recorded by major artists).

STS: Have you been back in Scotland since you first left?

J: No, sadly I have not.

STS: If you could offer any one piece of survival advice to someone about to study in Scotland what would it be?

J: Stick in groups when going out at night, but don’t be afraid to step out and introduce yourself to strangers.

STS: Cheers for taking the time to chat with us. All the best.

J: Thanks Gary, you’re the one true ginja ninja.