Where Are They Now? #018: Jared (United States)

Catching Up With The Past

Every so often, Student Tours Scotland tries to catch up with former students from a few years ago. This week we head to the USA.

Student Tours Scotland (STS): What do you miss the most about Glasgow and Scotland?

Jared (J): I really miss the people. There is something so incredibly special about being an international student and being part of a group that is experiencing a culture for the first time, together.

STS: What one place in Scotland was your favourite?

J: Ardnamurchan Point and the Isle of Skye.

STS: Do you think it's important to get out and about in Glasgow and Scotland when you study here?

J: Of course! Especially coming from an American perspective, it is incredibly difficult to get an honest taste of what the states has to offer because it is stupidly large; however, Scotland is much smaller and that's totally a feasible thing. Scotland is so beautiful and anyone studying there would be remiss to not seize the opportunity to experience it.

STS: But enough about Scotland. What are you doing with yourself now?

J: I am about to finish up my MA in Clinical Counseling Psychology with a focus in Latino Mental Health, which is more or less an applied social justice approach to counseling. Hoping to become employed in Chicago after graduation and start that career thing.

STS: Have you been back in Scotland since you first left?

J: No, sadly. I find myself thinking about Scotland often. I need to go back someday but traveling taught me that one should travel more and experience as much as possible. Overall, keeping me away from where I have already traveled.

STS: If you could offer any one piece of survival advice to someone about to study in Scotland what would it be?

J: There are so many kind people there. Don't be shy and jump in.

STS: Cheers for taking the time to chat with us. All the best.

J: Cheers!