Whoa! Whoa! Where’s Renan? #01: Largs, West Coast Scotland

Student Tours Scotland's latest regular blog!

Each week Student Tours Scotland takes people around this fine country to some weird and wonderful places. This week we see the start of a new adventure, where Renan takes us around Scotland to places he has been. The picture will show him and we ask, "Whoa! Whoa! Where's Renan?". Hopefully you'll find out cool places to go and see around the country.

This week Student Tours Scotland regular, Renan is in Largs on the West Coast of Scotland (albeit in a rather compromising situation - we are reassured it was posed). It's about an hour or so outside the City of Glasgow and is easily reached by train or bus. It's famous for it's fish and chips and even has Irn Bru ice cream in it's midst. The final push against Viking Rule in Scotland began here and there is even a monument and a museum dedicated to this period. Nearby is the awesome Isle of Cumbrae and you can take a short ferry over and cycle around the island too.

Renan is actually standing on the Haylie Brae which is a great walk up the hillside behind a park in Largs. The views are pretty cool and stretch over to the island itself and beyond. So next time you're looking for something to do in Scotland, head West! 

Cheers Renan!