Trip Review: Edinburgh Day Trip (January 2012)

Trip Review: Edinburgh Day Trip (January 2012)

A new year and a new semester. Student Tours Scotland has been sitting still for too long. With the Christmas dinner finally digested it's time to get out and about in Scotland again.

Our first day trip of the year ventures into Scotland's Capital City of Edinburgh. As always the trip is a great one but it is the people who come on our tours that really make the day worthwhile. This particular journey to the East was rather American heavy. This always leads to some great banter (Glasgow word for chat) and some hilarious times ahead.

A journey to Edinburgh Castle rarely bores and this one was certainly no different. We even managed to strike a tear in the eye from Rob, our resident Californian when the one o'clock gun fired. 

I generally enjoy tiring everyone on a Student Tours Scotland trip. Our Edinburgh trip always begins with a nice long walk in Holyrood Park and Arthur's Seat. A sunny morning hike is a sure fire way to get everyone ready to go. After a few moans and groans the whole squad was enjoying the views and pleading to stay for as long as possible. 

As the sun set at the end of the day we finished up on Calton Hill. Everyone standing proudly on the monument at the top of the hill is a great way to round off the trip. 

It might not be Glasgow but it is still a great day out. Until next time Edinburgh.

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