Conquering Sighthill and it’s Stone Circle in Glasgow

Sighthill Park Stone Circle in Glasgow City

With the news that Glasgow City Council might be demolishing Sighthill Park Stone Circle, Student Tours Scotland arranged an exclusive walk to the summit of the park. We left from our meeting point on Cowcaddens Road on a frostly Sunday December morning and headed up into Sighthill in North Glasgow. So much interest in this walk shows how important even those from outside Glasgow consider local monuments to be.

We had a relatively uneventfiul morning compared to previous tours and pretty much had the place to ourselves. There were even awesome views across the city and into Sighthill Cemetery in the North of the city. The students we took from the University of Glasgow, University of Strathclyde and Glasgow Caledonian University all loved the tour. Although some thought the stones looked a little unloved and felt underwhelmed by the experience there was general consensus that the area has a lot of potential. No one wanted to see the circle removed for development of the area. Everyone however agreed the area needs some tender loving care. Student Tours Scotland fully supports a redevelopment of Sighthill but the Stone Circle and it's immediate area should be looked after and preserved. Glasgow is missing a chance to make a real tourist attraction out of this.

Mads from Denmark, who is studying in Glasgow for one semester until December, thought the area "seemed like a sort of small sanctuary" and could see the benefits of watching a sunrise or sunset from the summit. Two Germans, Freddy and Hannes also felt that the area needed looking after and that the experience could be so much more than it already is. They are very much against the redevelopment of the area. A local student from Inverness, Ruairidh used to live near the circle for almost two years. He considers it one of Glasgow's "hidden gems" and would be very sad to see such an important place lost to the ages for development. 

Student Tours Scotland appreciates all the support and help in spreading the word about this fantastic tourist attraction in Glasgow. Hopefully Glasgow City Council will see sense and preserve the stones for the development of Sighthill in time for the Glasgow 2018 bid for the Youth Olympics.