Forever Student Tips #02: Student Pub Nights

Student Pub Nights


We asked Alisa back after the hit first blog she wrote to give more student tips. Here is a Night Out themed entry!

All right, I figured I would just cut straight to the good stuff. I'm sure by now most of you have ventured out to discover some of Glasgow's renowned bar scene, but just in case you haven't made it anywhere, or if you are looking for something new to try, here is a list of pubs for every day of the week.

Monday - Viper: If you haven't been to Glasgow's West End yet, this is your chance. Viper is in its heart and puts on a widely popular student night on Mondays. If you are a regular at Jacksons for international student night you are in luck - jump on the subway straight at St. George's Cross and get off a few stops later at Hillhead and you will be seconds away. If you are looking for a full night out in the West End, check out Ashton Lane, a gorgeous street lit by fairy lights and featuring several cute little pubs and clubs for pre drinking. Definitely a must-see.

Tuesday - Kushion: Recently undergoing some rebranding, Kushion has thusfar proved itself a top spot for Tuesday clubgoers. If you want to ensure you get in, be sure to text for guest list ahead of time or you will likely be stuck in a massive line. The bar features two separate dance areas that usually alternate between top forty and alternative and the dance floor is always packed. If you want to be amongst tons of fellow students, this is the spot on a Tuesday.

Wednesday - Bamboo: To be fair, I only vaguely remember this bar as I think I've been there once. It generally gets mixed reviews as it can be kind of small and cramped. There are three rooms with different types of music.

Naturally, you also have the option for World Famous Erasmus Wednesdays at Sugar Cube. If you haven't been, I recently discovered Sugar Cube is actually a pretty cool venue. There are two rooms plus a VIP section and both feature great music and cool decor. Definitely one to put on the 'to go' list.

Thurs/Fri - ABC: 02 ABC is a concert venue and a club. If you were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Rita Ora at Sugar Cube, she would of been coming from her concert at ABC. Aside from a great place to catch all your favourite artists, ABC has Jelly Baby Thursdays- Two rooms for music and £1 drinks, ABC can't be beat on a Thursday Night. Once again, arrive somewhat early as it gets packed!

As for Friday, Propaganda is sited as the UK's biggest indie night, so if you're looking for something besides top 40, check it out.

Fri/Sat - Garage: An old, but a goody - I happen to love Garage. If you have ever been strolling down Sauchiehall Street and seen a giant yellow transport truck emerging from a building, that is the Garage. With a massive dance floor and as many as eight DJ's in a night, the Garage is constantly offering a fast-paced night out. The weekends are probably your best bet, but the club is open seven days a week so it is always a good back up if one of the others is at capacity.

As you can see, there is always something going on in Glasgow. While these are the most popular student nights, there are so many other great bars and clubs to discover depending on what you are looking for. Be sure to try out as many as you can- call it cultural research .

One other thing that I absolutely love about the UK is their love of themes. At any given time you can find at least one bar that is putting on a 'fancy dress' or themed night. My year abroad a favourite of ours was neon- pretty sure I still own at least three coloured tutu's hanging about somewhere.

The moral of the story is - go all out! The best part about having a student city is that there are endless excuses to get your party on. So dress up and enjoy the cheap drinks!

Happy Partying!


Lena Points #11: Locomotion Statue, Buchanan House, Glasgow

A link to the past in Glasgow's Buchanan Street Train Statue

Lena is back this week and this time she is pointing into the past. Student Tours Scotland features Lena pointing at something rare and unique in Glasgow. It's often something in the city that is either overlooked or unknown. Here she is pointing to Locomotion, a statue that represents a bygone era in Glasgow. Buchanan House at 58 Port Dundas Road was once the site of Buchanan Street Train Station - now long gone. 

Glasgow once had four train stations (Central Station, Queen Street Station, St. Enoch Station and Buchanan Street Station). This statue fittingly remembers the locomotives that left from here until the 1960's when the Beeching Axe fell upon the Glasgow surplus stations. The statue is quite remarkable and sits just off the main road in front of Buchanan House. There are plenty of hidden statues all over Glasgow. Student Tours Scotland will no doubt get Lena to point at some more soon!