Where Are They Now? #017: Andrea (Canada)

Student Tours Scotland Catches Up With Former Regulars

This week, Student Tours Scotland catches up with Andrea from Canada to see what she's been up to since leaving Glasgow.

Student Tours Scotland (STS): Thanks for taking the time to do a Where Are They Now interview. It's been around four years since you studied in Glasgow, Scotland. Introduce yourself for us: name, where you are from and one random fact about yourself.

Andrea (A): Four years? Yikes. My name is Andrea Smith, and I am from Toronto, Canada. I am an absolute wino. (Red preferably haha).

STS: What do you miss the most about Glasgow and Scotland?

A: I greatly miss the people and culture. Coming from Canada, there wasn't too much of a culture shock however there was enough of a difference. I loved how vibrant and social Glasgow was, and yet how historic and tranquil the highlands and outskirts were. It has a good balance and it never took too long to travel around the country to experience both ends of the spectrum. I also can't forget the shopping. To this day I still wear many of the articles of clothing and accessories purchased down Sauchiehall Street.

STS: What one place in Scotland was your favourite?

A: Glasgow was such an amazing place and is definitely my favourite city in Scotland. In particular, I was in absolute love with Ashton Lane. You feel like you are in another world - so many memories were made there.

STS: Do you think it's important to get out and about in Glasgow and Scotland when you study here?

A: I believe this is one of the most important things when studying abroad. If I didn't go out and explore the city and country, I would not have experienced as much as I did, met as many people as I did, or come back with the kind of memories that could ever be planned on an itinerary. There are so many little gems in Glasgow and Scotland that people may never come across if they don't go outside the "tourist boundaries".

STS: But enough about Scotland. What are you doing with yourself now?

A: I graduated from Media Communications upon my returning to Canada, and am currently working in the advertising industry. I love the career path I took, and I owe a lot to my year abroad. Many of my skills and level of confidence were developed during my time away. I frequently reference my year in Glasgow, as it was such a part of my "coming of age". Now I am engaged and living the "responsible adult life" haha.

STS: Have you been back in Scotland since you first left?

A: Unfortunately I have not been able to return since to Scotland since I left, however I have encouraged many people to visit. I guess I am living vicariously through friends and family who are able to make the trip out. I hope to visit again soon, maybe after the wedding has been paid off - haha.

STS: If you could offer any one piece of survival advice to someone about to study in Scotland what would it be?

A: Despite the cravings, pace yourself with the deep fried mars bars and Irn Bru. Your body will thank you.

Lena Points #24: Statues on Argyle Street

Student Tours Scotland goes pointing!

Lena Points is back with some city centre pointing!

Student Tours Scotland teams up with Professional Pointer, Lena to point around Glasgow at some weird and wonderful things people might otherwise miss. Today you can see her pointing at two statues (one of them anyway but I promise there are two) which appear to be holding up a building entrance on their shoulders. It's a hefty burden and not one to be taken lightly! Look up when you're around Glasgow, there is much around you that you will easily miss.

Joe Evans Project Metrographie

Joe Evans: Project Metrographie

Student Tours Scotland talks with Joe Evans who is doing something rather interesting in his spare time. Here is what he had to say:

A couple of months ago, I had a problem: I had been running a blog (employ.joepevans.com) for some time, sharing my experiences of job hunting and trying to promote my graphic design skills at the same time, but what I really needed was a way to show off. It was all well and good talking about design but I really needed to be doing some as well. What I needed was a project to work on alongside my blogs on job hunting and design aesthetics.

Since moving to Paris I've been a little obsessed by the metro. It's massive, it gets you anywhere in the city in half an hour, it's cheap, it's full of idiosyncrasies and everyone has an opinion on it. There are stops on bridges, there are lines 3 stops long, there are stops named after ancient Roman battles, fish markets and  American presidents. It felt fun and inspiring so I made a few graphics for my favourite stops and put up a http://employ.joepevans.com/blog/metrographie on my site.

People seemed to like them so, having named the project Metrographie, I pretty quickly started doing them almost every day, I'm currently at about 50. It's proven something of a challenge. Paris has over 300 metro stops and they're mainly named after people or events that I haven't even heard of so I try really hard not just to go for the obvious ones, as it makes it more fun and rewarding for me and also because when I get to the end of the series I don't want to spend weeks just doing the odd outlying stops. Also I like  learning the metro stop trivia (my favourite so far is Berault which derives its name from a Scot)

I also enjoy giving myself extra tasks and sub goals, so on Sundays I post up stops named after saints (of which there are many) when I was in Scotland I did a series of stops on the Glasgow Subway and recently I've been trying really hard to do all the stops on line 1.

My real challenge though is working out what to do with these pictures I've been making. Its been suggested I start selling them somehow but I'm still trying to work out where and in what format. All I know is that at the moment I'm still enjoying making them, I think it is making me a better designer and it's making me enjoy the metro more each day.

Like Metrographie Paris on FACEBOOK.

Glasgow Sem Fronteiras #16 - Rafael

Ciências sem Fronteiras in Glasgow!

Student Tours Scotland is back this week with another of our Brazilian students on the Ciências sem Fronteiras programme - this week we go back to Glasgow Caledonian University.

Student Tours Scotland (STS): Hello, so, who are we talking to today? Name, age, where you come from in Brazil, your home place of study?

Rafael (R): Hello y'all my name is Rafael, I'm 22 and I study at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, in Natal, which, by the way, is my hometown. In Glasgow, I was studying International Product Design at Glasgow Caledonian University.

STS: Why choose Glasgow, Rafael? What made you decide it was the place to go with Ciências sem Fronteiras - Science Without Borders UK Scholarship?

R: Charles Rennie Mackintosh was one of the biggest reasons for me to choose Glasgow over London. I love his designs. Also, Glasgow is smaller than London and this sounds comfortable to me.

STS: What was your FIRST experience in Glasgow after arriving?

R: Cold weather and seeing snow for the very first time.

STS: Did you enjoy your time in Glasgow? What aspects of life in the city did you most enjoy?

R: Hell yeah! Glasgow is amazing. I love the architecture, the infinite options of pubs and restaurants and the nightlife.

STS: Have you managed to do any touring around Scotland while here with Ciências sem Fronteiras - Science Without Borders UK Scholarship?

R: Yep! I've been to Loch Lomond, Aberdeen, Dundee, Stonehaven, Arbroath, Edinburgh, Stirling, Ayr, Aviemore and I still want to visit Inverness, Shetland and Isle of Skye.

STS: Would you encourage other students from Brazil, who are thinking of going abroad with Science Without Borders (UK) to study in Glasgow? If yes, why?

R: Nah! Leave Glasgow alone! Too many Brazucas here. Jokes aside though, Glasgow it's a really nice city to live. It has everything that a student could possibly need and if not, London is just a few miles away.

STS: What will you miss the most from Glasgow when you return to Brazil?

R: The Weather, yes the weather. Believe me, I love this cold. I'm also gonna miss the Scottish people, my Scottish friends, this incredible Victorian Architecture, the parks and the gig venues.

STS: What one thing would you tell an incoming student that they HAD to do in Glasgow?

R: Ubiquitous Chip. Best place for food in Scotland. It's just amazing. Might be a bit expensive though, but worth a try.

STS: Cheers for chatting with us Rafael!

Whoa! Whoa! Where’s Renan? #01: Largs, West Coast Scotland

Student Tours Scotland's latest regular blog!

Each week Student Tours Scotland takes people around this fine country to some weird and wonderful places. This week we see the start of a new adventure, where Renan takes us around Scotland to places he has been. The picture will show him and we ask, "Whoa! Whoa! Where's Renan?". Hopefully you'll find out cool places to go and see around the country.

This week Student Tours Scotland regular, Renan is in Largs on the West Coast of Scotland (albeit in a rather compromising situation - we are reassured it was posed). It's about an hour or so outside the City of Glasgow and is easily reached by train or bus. It's famous for it's fish and chips and even has Irn Bru ice cream in it's midst. The final push against Viking Rule in Scotland began here and there is even a monument and a museum dedicated to this period. Nearby is the awesome Isle of Cumbrae and you can take a short ferry over and cycle around the island too.

Renan is actually standing on the Haylie Brae which is a great walk up the hillside behind a park in Largs. The views are pretty cool and stretch over to the island itself and beyond. So next time you're looking for something to do in Scotland, head West! 

Cheers Renan!