Glasgow Sem Fronteiras #22 - Murilo

Student Tours Scotland Blog is back! This week we interview one of the Brazilian students studying at the University of Strathclyde on the Ciências sem Fronteiras - Science Without Borders UK Scholarship. It's a regular feature that we've fallen away from over the weeks. We have some plans to bring this and some other blogs back. So watch our blog regularly for updates.

Student Tours Scotland (STS): Hello, so, who are we talking to today? Name, age, where you come from in Brazil, your home place of study? Tell us a random fact about yourself.

Murilo (M): Hey guys, my name is Murilo Peixoto. I come from São Paulo, Brazil, and I study Mechanical Engineering at UNICAMP. A random fact about myself is that I have been always a supporter of student activities in Brazil, believing that they would contribute a lot for a complete student formation. I have been president from my junior enterprise and manage to create some different societies in the mechanical engineering department.

STS: Why choose Glasgow, Murilo? What made you decide it was the place to go with Ciências sem Fronteiras - Science Without Borders UK Scholarship?

M: Actually, I did not choose Glasgow as my first option, I always joke that Glasgow had chosen me, and I am pretty happy with this! As a Mechanical Engineer I applied for Bristol, Birmingham and Nottingham, and ended up in the University of Strathclyde - a place where I am pretty happy.

STS: What is your earliest memory of arriving in Glasgow - any funny or weird experience?

M: My first night in Glasgow was really great. I had been to the Student Union for the Freshers' Party all by myself and ended up meeting three Scottish people, two girls and a guy. They were awesome! By this time I understood why Scottish people were so very well known for being friendly. Well, they adopted me and started drinking as Scottish people do (a thing that I could not catch up with hahaha). When they were already drunk they decided to take me to a tour in Glasgow. We went to several places at 2am and ended eating fish and chips at a 24hr store quite next to Queen Street Station. I also discovered that people here enjoy vinegar on their chips and well. I did not enjoy that so much! So as you can see my first experience here was funny and weird at the same time!

STS: Are you enjoying your time in Glasgow? What aspects of life in the city are you most enjoying?

M: Glasgow is a great city for students: big, not expansive. It has a lot of places to hang out and comparing it to Brazil it is not violent (unless you go out with a Celtics T-shirt at Ibrox, than it is dangerous hahaha). It is easy to travel and people here are really friendly. The only thing that makes the city a little bit annoying is the weather, it rains almost everyday! But well after a month here you learn that you have got to do stuff with rain over your head, otherwise you will never do it.

STS: Have you managed to do any touring around Scotland while here with Ciências sem Fronteiras - Science Without Borders UK Scholarship?

M: Yes! I have been to Edinburgh (fifty minutes from Glasgow), Loch Ness, Stirling, Aberdeen and they were all great. Scotland has a rich history full of wars, territory disputes, fortified castles and sometimes just some ruined castles which could not survive enemies attacks. It is a great country for people who like history (like me).

STS: Would you encourage other students from Brazil, who are thinking of going abroad with Ciências sem Fronteiras - Science Without Borders UK Scholarship to study in Glasgow? If yes, why?

M: Yes I would. For everything that I have already said above, Glasgow is a great city for students, we have lots of opportunities here, people from Scotland always seems to try to help you and being in a country which has a educational method so much different than the Brazilian one, compliments our gathered knowledge at the university.

STS: What will you miss the most from Glasgow when you return to Brazil?

M: Mainly, the safety felling that I have here, and the kindness of the people.

STS: What one piece of advice would you give students from Brazil thinking of going to Glasgow Ciências sem Fronteiras - Science Without Borders UK programme?

M: Do learn to enjoy sunny days! Here we don't have much, so go out for sun bathing every time that you can! Do not worry about being "in the end of the world" because Glasgow is a very developed city, with everything that you need and cheaper than other places in Europe. No it is not everyone that has that hard Scottish accent, and it is good for you to learn a little, people over Europe love the Scottish accent (that is a good hint haha). Do not be afraid of talking in English with your new Scottish friends, they are also afraid that you might not understand what they are talking so most of the times they try to speak in a way that you understand and they put a lot of effort on understanding you, and they don'y mock you if you make any mistakes. Enrol yourself in as many things that you can in the University and do your best in everything, the learning curve for you that is on a exchange program is really high If you put effort on it, and people here will be willing to help you to make your time here the best of your life.

STS: Cheers for chatting with us Murilo!