Finding the Sunshine in Aberdeen

Embracing the Weather, Finding the Fun

Student Tours Scotland thinks back to a time when the rain tried to kill our spirits in Aberdeen as we prepare for what might be another wet weekend there this Saturday.

Student Tours Scotland takes you to a lot of places around this wonderful Scottish land. From the dizzy heights of Inverness to the lowland villages like Portpatrick, we have it all. The memorable sunny days leave a mark on your mind. It’s the days like that you can never truly forget. They’ll bring a tear to your old heart when you’re sitting with a cup of tea in hand at eighty years old.

However, every so often, nature embraces the angry ginger within. Like a torrent of verbal obscenities, the wind flares up, the heavens open and the rain leaves you soaked to the bone.

Take one fateful summer day in 2013 when Student Tours Scotland helpers Tiago, Anderson and Rodrigo joined me to Aberdeen to test the new route we were planning to launch later that year. With a grin on our face we travelled north. The further away from Glasgow we seemed to go, the angrier nature became.

The wind lashed our faces and our waterproof jackets proved just how wrong some brands can be when they advertise their products. Honestly, I would have been better planning a tour of the local swimming pool. It would have had the same result.

However, suddenly, from no where, the beach was visible. It was like the inner Scottish soul kicking in. The rain was pouring, the wind was howling and yet, I found myself jumping for joy. The sand under my training shoes urging me to embrace the child-like nature inside all of us. Embrace the fun of the beach. Embrace the hilarity of the rain. It might have rained all day, but there was sunshine in our souls. Cheers Aberdeen.