Terms and Conditions


Welcome to the small print. Although Student Tours Scotland is all about the thrills and excitement of travelling around Scotland there are some things you need to be aware of to have a good time. We are not boring paper pushers though so we have made them fun and easy to understand. If you need any further information on any of them please get in touch via the Contact Us section of the site.

01 - The Are We There Yet Policy (Method of Travel)

Student Tours Scotland tours generally have three methods of travel. The first is walking - and believe me when I say there is a lot of it. We like to spend as much time off the bus as possible. If walking is a problem or you need to take regular rests then do not worry - our guides are here to help. We can easily adjust our tours, suggest alternative routes or activities or anything else. We care about your levels of fun. If they are not high levels of fun then we strive to help out!

The second method of travel is by coach. Currently Student Tours Scotland uses a coach company based out of Glasgow and the West of Scotland. All the coaches are hired by us through this company. This means you get clean, safe, reliable and high quality coaches. The company has all the necessary legal bits and bobs to ensure your journey is the best it can be. The drivers are all fully vetted and, for added benefit, come with some of the best banter (Glasgow chat) available. If you feel sick or unwell then Student Tours Scotland can easily arrange for you to sit at the front - the view is always better there anyway.

Finally we sometimes travel by ferry. If we have a fantastic island to visit or a hard to reach part of the country then we will use one of Scotland's many ferry companies to get us there. The ferries are of the highest standard and often add to the trip as a whole. Journey by sea can be awesome and thrilling but it can also be a little sickly if you are not used to it. Just speak with the staff on board as they are able to help you. Again, Student Tours Scotland only uses legally recognised and vetted ferry companies for it's tours.

02 - The Paparazzi Guidance (Photos and Videos Policy)

Our guides love a good photo and video so don't be afraid to ask them to either jump in a photo with you or take one for you. However we know that not everyone thinks they look as good as most celebrities. You might have woke up late and forgot your makeup; maybe you're feeling sick or down or perhaps you just hate being in a photo. Let our guides know and we will make sure never to point a soul-stealing camera at you on our trips - unless you change your mind of course. 

We also aim to distribute any of our photos and videos directly to you if requested. We take a lot of pictures that people desire as treasured memories. If you can not find the pictures on our Social Media or Blog then get in touch at the Contact Us page and we will send you what we can. You also have every right to request we remove or take down a photo or video of you if you are unhappy with how you look. We won't judge.

03 - The Wednesday 1200 Rule (Refunds and Illness Policy)

Everybody loves a good tour around Scotland, and I mean everybody. Our tours can often be very popular and oversubscribed. We don't like to leave too many clients sitting on a tour day in their room crying in their lonely room. Our waiting list can get rather lengthy. Due to this, if you sign up for a trip please let us know as soon as possible if you cannot attend so we can get your ticket off to someone on our wait list. 

Sometimes life gets in the way. You can end up feeling ill or sick or perhaps you have a last minute essay you have forgotten to prepare for. Maybe you just drank a little too much at the club the night before. So long as you email or text Student Tours Scotland before 1200 hours on the Wednesday before the Saturday or Sunday trip then you are generally able to get a full refund. You are also allowed to give your ticket to someone else. They just need to contact us to let us know the name and number change.

If you contact us after 1200 hours on the Wednesday before the Saturday or Sunday trip then we cannot guarantee you a refund. Refunds may be possible in certain circumstances so please do contact us anyway. Tickets purchased AFTER the Wednesday deadline cannot be refunded.

Refunds are not always available at certain types of tour (for example during Welcome Week).

04 - The Oops I Did It Again Situation (Insurance Policy)

We'ev said it before and we'll say it again, life gets in the way. When you are out on our tours we understand that things can go wrong. However we aim to minimize this as best we can. All our tours are Risk Assessed before being advertised. Student Tours Scotland also has the appropriate Public Liability Insurance to operate. Our coach and ferry partners also have their own Insurance for the Travel Portions of our journeys as well.

It is however your responsibilty to look after yourself on our tours. Our guides will always offer health and safety advice at every stage of the tour. Remember if you disobey a sign or information from our guides and you injure youreself then Student Tours Scotland cannot be held responsible. We will always do our utmost to insure the safety of anyone on our tours.

05 - The Full Bladder Problem (Break and Lunchtime Policy)

People need to pee. It's a natural part of life. Student Tours Scotland always build toilet breaks into our tours. We don't expect you to have to relieve yourself behind a ramdom bush so we aim to find some nice stops where we can take some sightseeing in as well as a refreshment break. Some of the places we stop even have won the highly acclaimed accolade of 'Loo of the Year'. Only the best for our clients.

You are always encouraged to bring some food with you on your tours but we will always stop somewhere for lunch as well. Everybody needs their fuel. We will try and stop in places offering a range of snacks - anything from fast food to the best restaurants. However if you bring your own lunch with you we will make sure you have something nice to occupy your lunch break. Perhaps our guide will show you some cool places.

06 - The International Time Debate (Meeting Time Policy)

Differrent places across the world operate on different time references. In Scotland we are rather picky about our meeting times. The coach leaves at a set time every weekend. Make sure you are there ten to fifteen minutes before the departure. If you are running late then you should contact the guide via the phone number given in the emails about the trip. We can usually hold the coach for five minutes to accomdate you. if you are going to be very late then you will probably find that there are fifty six impatient characters waiting on you. Either they will rip you to pieces for making them wait or sadly we will have to leave without you. The Student Tours Scotland guide will always try to contact you to let you know if we have to leave without. Sadly this is not justification for a refund.

On each tour we set meeting times where you should meet back at the coach. Do not be late for these meetings. Always remember that you will be holding up around fity other people if you are late. This is simply not fair. Arriving ten to twenty minutes after the meeting time will result in being at the mercy of the other clients on the tour. 

07 - The 'It Wasn't Me' Details (Responsibily of Advertisers Policy)

Always remember that Student Tours Scotland is an independant organisation and not associated directly with any Educational Institution or Student Society in Scotland. Although at times the various colleges, universtities, places of study and student socieities, may promote our tours they are not responsible for them at any time.

Our tours are organised and run by Student Tours Scotland and any problems, issues etc should be addressed directly to Student Tours Scotland. If you contact the advertising partners (University, College, Educational Institute or Student Society) then they will redirect you query to us. Student Tours Scotland are more than happy to deal with any issues you may have.