About Our Day Trips

Student Tours Scotland Coach Day Trips

Every Saturday and Sunday, Student Tours Scotland takes you to different places around Scotland. Our coach trips are unique, fun and always with a great guide. We aim at the student market but anyone can join whether you are a tourist or not. 

All of our day trips are by private coach. Our guides and drivers will look after you throughout the journey. You will get stories. legends, myths and history as we travel. Your guide will plan everything for you or give you some time to yourself - whatever suits you best. You will get the chance to win some prizes and take home some great memories. It's a cheap, effective and awesome way to tour scotland. Student Tours Scotland cannot wait to have you on board.

Summer 2017

Student Tours Scotland is proud to present a series of day trips including some great locations around Scotland.

June 2017

A series of day trips for June 2017 will be announced soon.