Ayrshire Coast

Coach Day Trip: Ayrshire Coast, Castle and Dragon Statue

Student Tours Scotland takes you on a day out in Ayrshire with it's towns and beaches. Doing this is part of the childhood of nearly every Glaswegian. The principal town of Ayr is a popular stop on any tour of the area. There is a lot of history in the towns and villages scattered across the region. An incredible number of castle ruins and sights are found. The sheer wealth of history and important events that occured here make it one of the most influential areas on the entire country.

Shallochpark, Girvan

Girvan is a pretty little town on the South Ayrshire coast. It's where your Student Tours Scotland guide spent most of his holidays as a kid. With one of the nicest beaches in the south west of Scotland it attracts a lot of holiday traffic. Girvan has lost a lot of the tourist trade over the years since cheap air travel made holidays abroad more affordable. However there is still much of the old charm around the place. We'll stop in Shallochpark, just outside Girvan, for a beach walk and cafe break before we kick off the day.

Dunure Village and Castle

Dunure is a small village. During summer time it is very popular with local tourists in Scotland. There is a stunning little castle ruin that dominates the sea view from the village. We'll stop here mid morning to give us time to invade the ruin and get some good photos of the awesome views. Student Tours Scotland loves the isolation this village provides. Practically no one else around for miles!

Ayr Town and Riverside

Ayr is the principal town of Ayrshire. There are a lot of connections with the town and with the Scottish poet Robert Burns - whose birthday is shared by your Student Tours Scotland guide. The town has a good walking trail that allows everyone a chance to get to know some of the influential history of Ayr Town and Ayrshire. With plenty of great places to eat and drink Ayr is a good place to have lunch or a coffee/ drink. The River Ayr has one of Scotland's Long Distance Walks attached to it. You can see some of the sights of this walk by following the trail through the town itself.

Irvine Beach Park

If you're still awake then we have one more stop to make. Irvine Beach Park takes up a large portion of the North Ayrshire coast. There is also a large stone dragon statue which guards our west coast from future Viking invaders. It might not seem like much but we love him. Student Tours Scotland will do it's best to make sure you do to.


Each Student Tours Scotland tour is unique, fun and awesome. Your guide will give you options at every stop and you'll even get a handy map to use around the tour locations. As with all days in Scotland we cannot ever be sure of the weather. So please prepare for things with good shoes, and clothes you can wear in the bad weather. You can always leave things on the bus. Listen to your guide throughout the day and remember to have fun. Refunds are only available up to a certain point for each tour. Please make sure you are aware of the refund rules for your chosen tour.