Glencoe and Fort William

Coach Trips: Glencoe and Fort William

No trip to Scotland is complete without a stop or a drive through Glencoe. Student Tours Scotland has never been able to choose between here and Loch Lomond for 'favourite place in Scotland'. Glencoe is magical, haunting and expansive. Thsi is another tour taking in a brief stop at Loch Lomond - another fantastic spot at Tarbet. Fort William itself is a town which has suffered over the years but is slowly bouncing back as a tourist hot spot. The fort remains are scattered around the pier area and there is a small ruined castle nearby also.

Photos from Previous "Glencoe" Tours

April 2012: HERE

May 2013: HERE

Tarbet, Loch Lomond

Student Tours Scotland can think of few spots on Loch Lomond which offer as good a view as that from the pier in Tarbet. The loch often has an eerie lonesome feel once the crowds have gone and if you come here off-season you will get a similar feeling. We'll be mostly stopping here to refuel on coffee and stretch our legs. That doesn't mean you get to sit in the cafe though - there's sightseeing to be done!

Glencoe Walk

After walking up with a coffee in Tarbet we'll be heading further north to reach Glencoe - a place simply described as 'wonderful'. There really is something exciting in the air when you are here. However the area is associated with a tragic moment in Scottish history so don't be surprised if you feel something dark hanging over you when you explore - it's just the spirits of the past. We will take a short leisurely walk through the glen to get you ready for a lunch break further north. This is one spot where you do not want to forget your camera. Student Tours Scotland believes this is a strong contender for 'best place in Scotland'.

Loch Linnhe

As we approach Fort William you will pass by Loch Linnhe, the last of the lochs of the Great Glen (beginning with Loch Ness further north). The views across to the other side are spectacular. We won't be stopping at Loch Linnhe but you will get a chance to see the lochside in the town of Fort William itself.

Fort William and Inverlochy Castle

We'll stop for a late lunch in Fort William and take a short tour of the town itself - including the pier and Loch Linnhe. However afterwards we'll be heading into the nearby village of Inverlochy to visit the beautiful ruin of Inverlochy Castle which sits on a river flowing towards the loch nearby. The ruin is large and on a sunny day looks particularly nice - Student Tours Scotland will take you through a great walk along the river.


The golden rule with every Student Tours Scotland trip is to have fun. No exceptions. To do this you will need to take some information into account. Remember that Scotland has ‘interesting’ weather. It can be beautifully sunny one minute and then raining the next. It can be cold in the morning but warm in the afternoon. Every day is different. You need to be prepared. Always dress for the rain and the cold. Wear good shoes or at least a pair you are comfortable in. You can always leave things on the coach if the weather allows.

Remember your camera. The scenery in Scotland is among the most beautiful in the world. You won’t want to miss out on those precious memories.

If you have a smartphone or device with internet access remember to bring it with you. There will be social media competitions along the way.

Most importantly stay safe. Listen to your guide. You are responsible for keeping yourself safe when out and about. If you follow the advice and signs then you will be sure to have fun.