Isle of Bute

What to Expect

In 2016, Student Tours Scotland relaunched an old island classic tour with a new twist and a few new stops along the way. We travel around on hour from Glasgow to Wemyss Bay and onto a ferry over to the Isle of Bute. Once on the island we will take you to three different bays as well as the capital town, Rothesay for some time.

Ferry to the Island

We travel on board a twenty minute ferry on this Student Tours Scotland tour. It's not a long journey but it is a nice one. You can explore the deck of the boat and take in the sea air (it gets pretty cold along the way).

Kilchattan Bay

First, Student Tours Scotland takes you to the South of the Isle of Bute to the rugged, raw coast of Kilchattan Bay. A village here was once much busier than today but it's the peace and quiet that we relish at this stop. Take in the coastal walk in the summer and enjoy the sunshine or in winter to see the waves crash. Either option is spectacular. 

Scalpsie Bay

A new stop on this Student Tours Scotland tour is to try and find the seals at Scalpsie Bay. They are not always here but we will tell you the legends regardless. Hopefully the local family of seals will stop by while we are there and pose for some pictures for you.

Ettrick Bay

At Student Tours Scotland we like to try and tire you out with all the walking and talking so we will reward you with a stop at Ettrick Bay tea room for a coffee, cake and relax before we jump back on the bus to Rothesay. You'll get a chance to explore the long stretch of sandy beach here too and sometimes there are people out riding their horses.


Rothesay is a quiet town (although not when Student Tours Scotland brings a bus of students there). It wasn't always this way however. For decades it was one of the most popular holiday resorts for Glaswegians. Across the town you will see remnants of the old Victorian holiday ideal. Exoctic trees, mutli-coloured house fronts, piers and prominades and much more lie within the town. It even has the most amazing toilets you will ever see!


Refund Policy: Refunds can only be issued before 1200 noon hours on the Wednesday before this event. After this date and time, no more refunds can be issued for any reason (including, but not limited to: sickness, sleeping in, hangover, spending too long taking selfies in the morning and missing the departure time). Refunds can only be issued using the same method you used to pay.

Further Information: We send an email to the address you signed up with (please ensure you use the correct email) on the Wednesday or Thursday before the tour. This includes a summary of everything you are expected to know for the tour itself.

Lunch Breaks and Toilets Stops: We always try to include a lunch break on every tour. This is not always possible so ensure you bring at least a snack with you in case it’s a little late in the day when we break. We always include as many toilet stops as possible on the day. Not every coach has a usable toilet on board.

Walking and Hiking: Nearly every tour includes a lot of walking. Please ensure you wear shoes you are comfortable to walk a lot in. Some tours include hiking. This is always optional but will take up most of the guiding experience so if you do something else you will not be with the guide for the day.

Maps and Contact Information: Every Coach Day Trip includes a fun, hand drawn map with all the contact information and social media links that you will need on the tour.

Departure Point: We only offer one departure point. This is to ensure we spend the maximum amount of time travelling. We have chosen a point that is roughly central for all four universities and all the colleges in Glasgow. It is near one of the train stations, the bus station and two Subway stations. You can also get to and from it with a Glasgow Taxi or Uber.

Travel on a Sunday to Departure Point: Please remember that on Sunday mornings the Subway does not open early and you may have to consider walking. If you have any worries about getting to the departure point, please get in touch.

Travel with Children: Our tours are not necessarily well catered for children. If you are planning on bringing any family with you you are highly advised to get in touch before booking. We can best advise if this is a good idea or not based on your requirements. We cannot hold any part of the tour for any one individual but we may be able to offer you a plan for doing the tour by yourself or using another operator.

Travel for those with Limited Mobility and Disabilities: For any traveller with additional requirements regarding mobility, disabilities or any condition you feel you should inform us of before travel, we always recommend you get in touch. We would love to best accommodate you. In some circumstances you will not get the full benefit of the tour but we can always try to adapt some or all aspects to suit you. If we cannot then we can usually offer ideas for doing the tour yourself, often with detailed plans or using another operator. Get in touch, we would love to hear from you.