Kilmartin Glen and Oban

What to Expect

Student Tours Scotland is proud to present a new tour (launched summer 2016). Kilmartin Glen is, in many ways, the birthplace of modern Scotland. With monuments to the past scattered between the towns and villages of the modern age, there is something for everyone. It's a long tour with a lot of time on the coach but we will spend as much time as we can off the bus exploring and telling stories. 

Rest and Be Thankful

The Rest and Be Thankful is a fantastic viewpoint on the way to the town of Inveraray. In the past the drovers and travellers would pause here to let their horses rest and they would be thankful for the view they could enjoy. There are hillsides, small lochs and wonderous mountains around you. Take the time to enjoy it.

Inveraray Town

The town of Inveraray in the heart of Argyll in West Scotland is quaint. It has a lot of cute little charm and is a great place to spend the morning over a coffee. There is a castle nearby (you can see it from the bridge) and some nice walks along Loch Fyne.

Dunadd Fort

Scotland practically began at Kilmartin Glen, in West Argyll. THis is the birthplace of the modern nation and full of great ruins. The first we visit has very little left at Dunadd Fort. We will climb the hillside and up to the location of where the fort once was. The views here are fantastic and you can imagine being transported back to the past.

Lady Glassary Wood Monuments

From standing stones to burial chambers, Lady Glassary Wood is our next stop on the tour. You can marvel at the standing stones that look like rugby posts and have a chance to explore inside the old burial chamber too.

Carnasserie Castle Ruin

Next up we travel north of Kilmartin Glen to the impressive (and free to enter) ruin of Carnasserie Castle. It's a nice monument and if the time of year is right and the weather is nice, you can go to the top for some cool views. The inside is pretty empty but your imagination will run wild as you explore.


Oban is a like a small Glasgow in terms of character and life. There is beautiful bay to explore, a ruined castle nearby, a viewpoint at the top of the hill over the town and plenty of places to get some fresh fish and chips. Your guide will let you explore for a while before we travel back to Glasgow.


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Walking and Hiking: Nearly every tour includes a lot of walking. Please ensure you wear shoes you are comfortable to walk a lot in. Some tours include hiking. This is always optional but will take up most of the guiding experience so if you do something else you will not be with the guide for the day.

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Departure Point: We only offer one departure point. This is to ensure we spend the maximum amount of time travelling. We have chosen a point that is roughly central for all four universities and all the colleges in Glasgow. It is near one of the train stations, the bus station and two Subway stations. You can also get to and from it with a Glasgow Taxi or Uber.

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