Loch Lomond

Coach Trips: Loch Lomond

Student Tours Scotland presents Loch Lomond. It is known to Scottish people as the 'bonnie, bonnie banks'. This refers to how beautiful the loch is when viewed from the lochside. As the largest body of water in Scotland it is easy to spend a day travelling around it's shores. This trip is a taster session, designed to get you hooked on the beauty of the loch so that you keep wanting to come back again and again - just like a true Scotsman.

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Balmaha: Millenium Path

On the less visited East side of the loch lies the village of Balmaha. Coaches can't travel any further north than here. It really does feel like the end of the road. It's much more rural than the other sides of the loch. This gives you a great chance to get out and explore the forest - with great views across the entire loch. You can even walk down to the marina and look out over some of the islands (Loch Lomond has at least forty of them). The nearby Millenium Path gives some of the history of the area as well as insight into the wildlife you can find around the loch.

Balloch Town

The south of the loch is where the River Leven enters the town of Balloch. It's a large town with a feel similar to Glasgow, although much smaller. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants for a quick lunch break and even some souvenir stores to stock up on presents for the family. After lunch the trip will include a stroll around Balloch Castle Country Park. The park has the ruins of Balloch Castle as well as the trail known as the Faerie Glen - a lovely wkl through some beautiful woodland. On the return to the town you get some close up views of Loch Lomond itself.

Luss Village and the Quarry Path

You won't find anywhere in Loch Lomond as beautiful as Luss - it has a really unique feel to the place. A small village on the West bank of the loch it featured for many years as the setting for a popular Scottish soap opera called 'Take The High Road' - this is from a song about the loch itself which you will find out about on the tour. The village itself has lots of little houses and shops which are well worth a visit. Behind the village is Glen Luss and the Quarry Path - a great half hour walk through a quarry which crosses a clear river and runs through some woodland.


The golden rule with every Student Tours Scotland trip is to have fun. No exceptions. To do this you will need to take some information into account. Remember that Scotland has ‘interesting’ weather. It can be beautifully sunny one minute and then raining the next. It can be cold in the morning but warm in the afternoon. Every day is different. You need to be prepared. Always dress for the rain and the cold. Wear good shoes or at least a pair you are comfortable in. You can always leave things on the coach if the weather allows.

Remember your camera. The scenery in Scotland is among the most beautiful in the world. You won’t want to miss out on those precious memories.

If you have a smartphone or device with internet access remember to bring it with you. There will be social media competitions along the way.

Most importantly stay safe. Listen to your guide. You are responsible for keeping yourself safe when out and about. If you follow the advice and signs then you will be sure to have fun.