Botanic Gardens, Gilmorehill and Hillhead

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Glasgow Walks: Botanic Gardens, Gilmorehill and Hillhead

Glasgow's West End is known throughout the city as being the place to be for a good night out, great food and brilliant shopping. There is a lot to see and do. This Student Tours Scotland Glasgow Walk takes in some of the great places around Gilmorehill including the University of Glasgow and the Hillhead region around Byres Road. We'll also head into the Glasgow Botanic Gardens and walk down the River Kelvin too.

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Gilmorehill and the University of Glasgow

With over 550 years of history, the University of Glasgow is the jewel in the crown of Glasgow West End. Situated on the stunning heights of Gilmorehill it includes many beautiful buildings - many of which have been incorporated into the University itself. The University moved here in the 1870's after vacating it's spot on High Street in Glasgow City Centre's Collegelands. This Student Tours Scotland Glasgow Walk will pass through many of the spots you'll recognise from some movies and postcards.


Hillhead is the area between the University of Glasgow and the the Botanic Gardens. Student Tours Scotland will stop off in a few different places here to show off the character of the area. There is lots of history in this part of the city and the busy Byres Road nearby offers much for the visitor in terms of shopping and refreshments. There are numerous old buildings all over Hillhead - hopefully we can stop by a few on the way.

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens are one of Glasgow's best parks. There are lots of hidden places including the old train station platform which hides below the park itself. There are plenty of squirrels which will come all the way up to your hand if you let them - not a scared animal in sight (although Student Tours Scotland should mention that you can easily end up surrounded by a gang of squirrels if you are not careful). Even the pigeons get up close and personal too! The glasshouses, Kibble Palace and River Kelvin offer some relaxing retreats for us as we tour the grounds.


The golden rule with every Student Tours Scotland trip is to have fun. No exceptions. To do this you will need to take some information into account. Remember that Scotland has ‘interesting’ weather. It can be beautifully sunny one minute and then raining the next. It can be cold in the morning but warm in the afternoon. Every day is different. You need to be prepared. Always dress for the rain and the cold. Wear good shoes or at least a pair you are comfortable in. You can always leave things on the coach if the weather allows.
Remember your camera. The scenery in Scotland is among the most beautiful in the world. You won’t want to miss out on those precious memories.

If you have a smartphone or device with internet access remember to bring it with you. There will be social media competitions along the way.

Most importantly stay safe. Listen to your guide. You are responsible for keeping yourself safe when out and about. If you follow the advice and signs then you will be sure to have fun.