Forth and Clyde Canal

Glasgow Walks: Forth and Clyde Canal Walkway

Student Tours Scotland's Glasgow Walks take you all across the city. This is another one of Glasgow's many walkways. The Forth and Clyde Canal runs from Grangemouth in East Scotland to Bowling in the West. There is however a branch which cuts away from the main path and diverts into Glasgow City. This walk takes the Glasgow Branch from Port Dundas and Spiers Wharf through the north of the city. You are sure to see some wildlife as we go and you will pass through some very diverse areas of Glasgow. We;ll take public transport back into the city centre after we finish.

Photos from previous "Forth and Clyde Canal" tours

October 2012: HERE

June 2012: HERE

April 2013: HERE

Spiers Wharf and Port Dundas

The canal starts just north of the City Centre at Spiers Wharf. The area has undergone refurbishment recently and looks great on a sunny afternoon. The views across the M8 motorway and the city centre can generally be good providing the fog cover isn't too dense. Student Tours Scotland loves taking students up to this quiet area to escape the madness of the city around you.

Firhill Basin and Ruchill Park

The Forth and Clyde Canal trail passes through the Firhill Basin - an area of scientific importance for nature and then by Ruchill Park and very near where Student Tours Scotland used to live - one of Glasgow's largest parks with great views across the city. The area here is also home to many of the students studying in the West End of the city. There are plans to refurbish the region over the coming years and possibly include more house boats.

Maryhill Locks

The north Glasgow area of Maryhill is well loved amongst it's residents and there has been a lot of heritage funding to allow regeneration of buildings and monuments. The Locks on the Forth and Clyde Canal here are among the best on the whole canal - this Student Tours Scotland tour will pass through all of them. Many people consider them one of Glasgow's best hidden gems. They are hardly noticed passing through Maryhill and so come as a welcome surprise to the Glaswegian who finally explores them.


Time permitting, the trail heads all the way to the boundary of Glasgow at Temple and Netherton. The Canal then winds all the way out of Glasgow to the West Coast River Clyde. Student Tours Scotland will normally leave the trail just after the Temple Gas Works and Temple Locks. After a walk through Anniesland we will take the train or bus back into the City Centre.



The golden rule with every Student Tours Scotland trip is to have fun. No exceptions. To do this you will need to take some information into account. Remember that Scotland has ‘interesting’ weather. It can be beautifully sunny one minute and then raining the next. It can be cold in the morning but warm in the afternoon. Every day is different. You need to be prepared. Always dress for the rain and the cold. Wear good shoes or at least a pair you are comfortable in. You can always leave things on the coach if the weather allows.

Remember your camera. The scenery in Scotland is among the most beautiful in the world. You won’t want to miss out on those precious memories.

If you have a smartphone or device with internet access remember to bring it with you. There will be social media competitions along the way.

Most importantly stay safe. Listen to your guide. You are responsible for keeping yourself safe when out and about. If you follow the advice and signs then you will be sure to have fun.