Glasgow Green and Richmond Park

Glasgow Walks: Along the River Clyde

Student Tours Scotland takes you along one of Glasgow (and Scotland's) best known rivers. The River Clyde is a long river and flows directly into the sea on the West Coast. It cuts through the City of Glasgow through the middle. We will walk along the River from the St. Enoch area of the City Centre and into Glasgow Green. After seeing some geese we will cross over into Richmond Park, one of Glasgow's lesser known about parks. If we are lucky we can feed the ducks and the swans while hearing some stories of the area. We'll finish up with a walk through the Glasgow Green again passing by the People's Palace Museum.

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The River Clyde

As one of Scotland's longest rivers, the River Clyde offers much for the explorer. The River Clyde Walkway passes through Glasgow where there are a number of bridges to cross. This walk will take us down to Custom House Quay Gardens - an old area of the city centre St. Enoch district. You will get some great views of the riverside as we pass by. There are some nice bridges and even a church on the route. The area is also due for a regeneration at some point so hopefully will come into better use with time.

Custom House Quay and Laurieston

The section of the River Clyde nearest the City Centre and the St. Enoch Shopping Centre is known as Custom House Quay. Once home to some nice gardens it is now is a rather sorry looking state. Thankfully there are pockets of beauty dotted around. A giant mural of a tiger adorns one side of the wall; a hidden statue commemorating the freedom fighters in Spain sits snug near the railway bridge and the suspension bridge over the river leads to the stunning Laurieston Place buildings and the start of the infamous Gorbals region of Glasgow South.

Glasgow Green and Richmond Park

Student Tours Scotland loves getting out of the city centre and into the many green spaces dotted around the City of Glasgow. With over one hundred parks and gardens you are never without somewhere nice to visit. Glasgow Green sits at the edge of the City Centre and the Merchant City region in an area known as the Calton. The Green is one of the oldest and most historically important sites in the entire city and offers some great views across the River Clyde to the Gorbals Village and Hutchiesontown regions on the south side of the city. If time permits we will even cross over into the Oatlands region on the south side and into the small green haven of Richmond Park. This beautiful little gem sits on the Glasgow border with neighbouring Rutherglen and is home to a large boating pond and a great many birds.


The golden rule with every Student Tours Scotland trip is to have fun. No exceptions. To do this you will need to take some information into account. Remember that Scotland has ‘interesting’ weather. It can be beautifully sunny one minute and then raining the next. It can be cold in the morning but warm in the afternoon. Every day is different. You need to be prepared. Always dress for the rain and the cold. Wear good shoes or at least a pair you are comfortable in. You can always leave things on the coach if the weather allows.

Remember your camera. The scenery in Scotland is among the most beautiful in the world. You won’t want to miss out on those precious memories.

If you have a smartphone or device with internet access remember to bring it with you. There will be social media competitions along the way.

Most importantly stay safe. Listen to your guide. You are responsible for keeping yourself safe when out and about. If you follow the advice and signs then you will be sure to have fun.